Wick System is another way of growing plants using hydroponics. As with all systems of this type it is based around a nutrient solution being fed to the plants. It’s the process of feeding the plants or the nutrient delivery method that sets most of the hydro systems apart from each other. Other things that make the systems different from each other is the medium, in this article we will look at the Wick System using Rockwool blocks as the preferred medium.

Things you will need to set up or build a Wick System are:

  1. A tank to store the nutrient solution in.
  2. A tray or gullies for the plants to sit in and grow.
  3. Wick material.
  4. Frame work for trays/gullies to sit on.
  5. PH and CF meter to measure the solution levels.


For this system to work the plants must be sat or suspended in the Rockwool block with a wick under each block, the wick hangs down into the nutrient solution to absorb it, solution then travels up the wick and is then absorbed by the Rockwool block and made available for the roots of the plant. As with all hydroponics systems the solution must be checked regularly for PH and CF and changed completely at least once a week.

Many growers feel that although this type of hydro system is useful it is not as productive as other systems that are available as the crops can grow slower and have been known to produce a lower yield in the same time frame as NFT for instance. However it does have its own advantages, one advantage is that unlike other ways of using hydroponics this drip system does not use any moving parts such as pumps so there is less chance of anything going wrong from that point of view. Another advantage is that as long as the wick is under the nutrient your plants are being fed, it has a low evaporation time of nutrients so is ideal for times when you can’t check on the plants daily such as holidays, the bigger the reservoir the longer your plants will be self-feeding. The wick system is also ideal for use in places where no electricity is available.

Although it is not a greatly favoured process the Wick System is still a hydroponics system and is worthy of its place on this website.

How to use Video on the wick system.