Hydroponics Systems are a great way to grow and produce a vast array of plants and vegetables. There are quite a few different types of these systems available on the market to choose from today and although they are a little more expensive when you first buy them they often pay back dividends through higher yields.

Many people believe that hydroponics systems are for commercial growers only but this is a misconception, in fact many home growers use hydroponics because they are proven to be cost effective and if used correctly the grower is almost certainly guaranteed a higher yield of produce over other grow systems such as soil and pots etc.

This type of growing has been around for a long time, at least the basic hydro principles have but advances in technology have seen different types of systems being invented, they may operate in a slightly different way but fundamentally they are all just hydroponics systems.

NFT (nutrient film technique)
An NFT (nutrient film technique) Hydroponics System

The word hydroponics simply means cultivation of plants in sand gravel and nutrient solution but without soil. There is loads of information on this process on our other pages so there is no need to digress too much here other than to say that all the hydroponics systems available today are based around this simple technique.

The main systems available are often quite expensive when comparing prices against a pot and soil but the expense is worth it considering that using an hydroponics system to grow can in fact shorten the length of time the plant needs to reach fruit or maturity added to the extra yields its certainly worthy of consideration.

The main types of systems are NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) Flood and Drain, Deep Water Culture, Ebb and Flow, Wick Systems  Dripping systems and also autopots/hydrofarms. Each system has its own unique way of doing things so we have covered each one in depth on its own page.






Learn how to make a Diy system in the video below.


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