DIY Hydroponic systems

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To build a simple Hydroponic system you will need:

  1.  3×3 timber to build a frame.
  2. Black Plastic guttering with end caps
  3. Small irrigation hose/pipe and junctions (available at all good garden centres)
  4. A submersible pump
  5. Tank to hold the solution
The wood is to build a frame for the gutters to sit on, the measurements would vary depending on the size of the system you were building.
The plastic gutters would need to be trimmed to the desired length and the end caps added to the top at one end to stop the solution from running back.
Place the gutters on the frame you have just built with one end over the tank to allow for the solution to drain back.
Trim the pipe to the desired length, it would need to have a single pipe up from the pump, using the junction connectors split the pipe so each length of guttering has its own flow of nutrient solution, junctions and end caps for irrigation pipes are available from all good garden centre’s and growing shops.
Voila! You have a just built a very simple but effective Hydroponics system.

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